Beautify Your Home with Landscape Rock

A landscape rock provides definition and structure to landscaping designs. A decorative landscape rock can also help in reducing the use of water by xeriscaping and serve a function like water drainage. Before you even consider landscape rock prices or go out shopping for them, it is important that you have an idea how to choose rocks based on your particular needs, landscaping goals, backyard ideas and climate. You may even have to use various rocks to fulfill your requirements.

Types of Landscape Rocks

Here are the landscape rock types that are available in the market, which you can use for your particular design.

  • River Rocks – These rocks are characterized by a polished and smooth finish as well as a variety of colors that range from black to beige. These rocks add a stunning complement to light exteriors of modern homes such as stucco and houses with lots of glass and windows. The items that may be included in a landscape river rock list are many. Create a Zen effect by using black stones or create a border or bed along a path by combining the rocks with foliage or grasses belonging to the purple or blue family. Dark colored river landscape rock stones are also great for landscaping a water garden or waterfall because the stones camouflage themselves in the water base.
  • Pea Gravel – If a smaller landscaping rock is your preference, then the pea gravel would be a good choice. The stones are not really as small as peas. They are rather shaped like peas and are usually tinier than gravel. The gravel has a smooth surface, which is very appealing to some people. There are various light colors that are available – shades that you might expect to find in a sea shore. In fact, the stones are sometimes referred to as “beach couples”. However, no matter what you call the stones, they remain to be very versatile. They could be used for small gardens that do not need much coverage and for borders. They may also be utilized inside container bottoms, around and under vessels that are set outside to provide correct drainage for flowers and plants.

  • Lava Rock – This rock is the usual choice in landscaping brick homes. The red colored landscape rock blends well with traditional brick houses or for your retaining wall, although you may also find rocks that are black and gray in color. The stone can be used for creating borders on front gardens and around the entire house. The lava rock is porous so you can use it around drainage slopes and near downspouts. If you are going to use this landscape rock around sidewalks, you must utilize an edging material to secure the rocks in place and prevent the rain or wind from moving them.
  • Boulders – This kind of landscape rock will allow you to create a huge statement. They could be used as visual anchors to define your design concept and landscape. Boulders are often used as landmarks in office parks, to navigate visitors and customers. For home purposes, take note of the scale. The boulder could become obtrusive for smaller lots and foliage but it can be a central design element if you have a large property.

Using landscape rocks to complete your lawns and gardens is a good way to combine natural elements and scale them around your home. Contact your local providers or even online distributors for their pricing quotations especially when ordering in bulk.